Anarchy Heart Patch, black on red fabric - anarchy patch, punk patch, anarchist patches, anarchy heart symbol, anarchy heart

Item Description

These patches are silkscreened, by hand, on entirely recycled materials!


This image is an Anarchy Heart - black in on red cotton fabric. The image is 2.75 inches by 3 inches (LxW) or approximately 7X8cm.


Patches generally have a half inch border or more, around the silkscreen image. If you would like to request a larger border, please ask! Patches are handmade, so they vary slightly in size and subtleties.


If you would like to order more than one item, please request so. Multiple copies are available. If you would like to order in bulk, we can also talk about that.


If you would like to custom order different colors, that is also possible.