Alice in Wonderland Smoking Caterpillar Patch - Choose Color - White on Black Heavy Cotton Fabric OR Black on White Canvas Cloth - Screenprint Large Patch

Item Description

These patches are silkscreened, by hand, on entirely recycled materials!


I had to do it....Alice and wonderland was the first novel I ever read, and the drawings fascinated me for years. And... they are copyright free, more than 150 years after they were first published. So, here it is...


This image is one of many the classic drawings by Sir John Tenniel, from the 1865 book by Lewis Carrol. It depicts little Alice, peering up over the top of a mushroom to look up at the shisha-smoking caterpillar, all amidst a background of giant plants and flowers.


Measuring 4.5 inches x 6 inches (12 cm x 15 cm) , this image is printed on heavy-duty black cotton cloth, with white ink.




As always, we do custom prints and colors and bulk orders.


All prints vary in subtley and detail, as patches are handmade!


Thanks! Enjoy!