About Us

HOOTENANNY! hand screenprints punk patches, hoodies, tank tops, patches, skirts, childrens clothes, and even underwear - for anarchists, punks, people who care about the Earth, and anyone who just likes a nice piece of statement-making clothing!

Thanks for checking out our shop!

We upcycle used clothes. That means we buy used clothes by the pound from secondhand bulk stores. Clothing that is not sold there is either shipped to some impoverished area in bulk or shredded and remade into blankets. We pick out the items in best condition and sort out clothes that we think would look good with one of our images. Then, we wash them and slap some ink on them.

We do this to minimize our direct support of unfair labor practices and excessive production of consumer products from raw materials, and to lessen our footprint upon the Earth.

It's very rewarding to transform cast-off items into expressions of ideas, visions and dreams. But it's infinitely more exciting and satisfying to see our clothes being worn! It's particularly fun to talk friends into modeling for us!

 We love Cascadia, ancient trees, our forest defense friends, and sharing our visions of how sweet life is, and could be. We look forward to sharing new items with you!


For the moment, this website is only hosting our patches - and custom printed shirts. To see shirts, childrens clothing, underwear, and other crafts we have for sale, please see our etsy shop: http://phoenixcompost.etsy.com