Feminist Patch, Large Purple on Yellow Print - Large Bag or Back Patch - feminism patches woman power assorted punk fist movement people

Item Description

As is our entire shop, this is printed on upcycled, reclaimed materials!


This is the classic Feminist Fist Symbol, as a Patch!


Dating back to the 1960s Second Wave Feminist Movement in the United States, this symbol shows a raised fist inside the classic female symbol. The female symbol (minus the fist) itself originated as the astrological symbol, for the planet Venus, in ancient Greece. It was first used to show gender of plants, animals, and humans beginning in the 1700s.


Image measures 7.5 x 10.5 inches or 26 x 19 cm.


**This order is for a purple on yellow print patch. Please tell us if you would like different color, or find the item listing in the patches section of our shop***


patch available in:

-Black ink on Red Canvas Fabric

-Purple ink on Yellow Printed Lightweight sturdy cotton

-Black ink on Blue lightweight cotton

-Black on White Canvas fabric.

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