Cicada Life Cycle Patch - Green - Insect Bug Critter Biology Patch, nature geek punk patch

Item Description

These patches are silkscreened, by hand, on entirely recycled materials!



There are more than 2,500 varieties of Cicadas living in the world. Large winged insects, they have also been called locusts or dry flies. They live in every continent except Antarctica.

All cicadas go through complex and lengthy life cycles. They are hatched in treetops. Small nymphs fall to the ground and burrow into the Earth. In depths reaching up to 9 feet, they live most of their lives, as small nymphs feeding on roots and plant matter. After as long as 17 years underground (some as short as 2 years), the insects emerge into the light. The nymph will perch on some sort of solid surface, before molting. Then, it breaks through it's old skin. A shiny, green, wing-ed creature emerges, leaving behind the shell of it's old beetle-like self. The adult cicada than spends the next days or weeks (depending on the species) in the outside world, with little time to mate and eat and sing, before the process the female lays treetop eggs and dies, beginning the process all over again...



This is a Cicada patch! It is a simplified, visual version of the cicada life cycle.

Measuring 5.5 inches x 5 inches (14 cm x 13 cm) , our image is printed on heavy green cotton fabric. It is sturdy and clean, good for patching jeans or anything!

As always, we do custom prints and colors and bulk orders.

Thanks! Enjoy!