Christopher Walken patch - White on Black Canvas - sillhouette actor movie tv film awesome weird punk patch

Item Description

This patch made from upcycled, reclaimed materials!


Why is christopher walken so awesome? Seriously? (This started off as a custom patch request, but it had to be added to our regular stock.)


If you are not sure, there are many examples.


Here are some:

- Weapon of Choice Video:

- Walken's The Three Pigs:

- Hairspray:

- Pulp Fiction:

- More Cowbell:


There are many more.


Image measures 4.5 x 6.5 inches or 11 x 16 cm. It is white ink on canvas material.


***While supplies last, this comes with a free christopher walken zombie patch! Our first print run was made with ink and material that did not take as well as the second time around. He looks like a zombie. Tell us if you want one, and we will send you a free zombie walken as well!***



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